Strong AI and FTL

Both strong artificial intelligence (here in the sense of sentient/conscious AI) and faster than light travel (FTL) are

The Holy Trinity of Belief

If you think that there are domains in life that are inaccessible to science and to reason, you

On Intuition

People often are proud of their intuition, and rightly so. But they are proud because of the wrong

The End of Copenhagen

Since its inception, the Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Mechanics has been used to justify mysterianism, subjectivism, postmodernism, relativism,

Comments on Tegmark and Backreaction

Bee over at Backreaction had a post last week on Max Tegmark: Discover Interview with Tegmark, and I

Mainstream philosophy taking the experimental turn

This is a good development: Towards a Psychology of Philosophy? A question that I find particularly interesting is,

Overcoming Bias: Heading Toward Morality

This post of Eli has many links and may be a good occasion for delving into some of

Lies We Tell Kids

Paul Graham has a wonderful essay online, reading time approximately 10 minutes: Lies We Tell Kids (The essay